Best Holiday Shoes for Sneakerheads

There’s just about a week left to do your holiday shopping, but at this point you might be out of luck unless you plan on braving the masses at the mall or want to spend an arm and a leg on shipping. Still, even the best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry, and you might be finding yourself in a last-minute Christmas crunch. No worries though, just about everyone can always use a new pair of shoes and these are a few of the most popular styles for the season that are sure to satisfactorily stuff any stocking.


Unless you’re one of the rare people on the planet who has managed to avoid Drake’s ubiquitous smash hit, “Hotline Bling,” you’ve probably seen the video or one of the countless memes that it has spawned. Even bigger than the influence of noted artist James Turrell was the steez of the inimitable Champagne Papi as the man looked fly as anything decked out in Moncler, OVO, and of course, a classic pair of 6″ Timberlands. The Tims have had made a big comeback in hip-hop in recent years and are a must-have in for the wardrobe of any head. You may have also noticed these boots on multiple members of the Kiwi ReQuest Dance Crew in the video for Justin Bieber’s “Sorry.”

Air Jordans

This kind of falls in to the “no kidding” category. The Air Jordan has been one of the most consistently popular shoes on the market since its inception, and people still lose their minds for new models the way people flip out for new iPhones. However, the latest Air Jordan 8 Retro model is taking things to a new level with a ridiculous chrome colourway that redefines the concept of flashy. The chrome accents perfectly complement the sleek black nubuck upper. They should help to tide you over if you missed out on the incredibly ’90s Aqua version that was released on Black Friday.

Low-top Trainers

It’s kind of hard to beat an understated low-top trainer. They’re clean, simple and look terrific without drawing too much attention to themselves. We also love the amount of variety and styles of trainers that are available out there. Even iconic designers like Lacoste and Fred Perry are offering some great-looking and affordable kicks in addition to traditional running shoe manufacturers like Asics and Adidas. The collaboration between Adidas and London’s Palace Skateboards is one of the dopest takes on the classic Adidas Gazelle we’ve ever seen and would surely make you the envy of your entire squad.

Bean Boots

If you were hoping to snag a pair of the beloved L.L. Bean Boots this holiday season, you’re going to be sorely disappointed come Christmas morning. As per usual, there’s a hefty waiting period for the item after yet another seasonal shortage of Bean Boots that would see you getting a pair sometime next June. However, for those on the southern side of the equator, you’ll actually get your pair just in time for winter—so order away!