The Tongue Announces His Split From Elefant Traks

The Tongue who brought us tracks like Bad Education, The Punch, and Somebodys Trying To Kill Me, who also represented Australia in the “Battle 4 Supremacy” competition against New Zealand in 2005 and won the Revolver MC battle that same year, has just taken to Facebook to announce his split from the Label he has spent more than a decade with.


As you can read from above, questions were raised as to why The Tongue, a longtime Elefant Traks member who had been managed by Urthboy before signing with ET, wasn’t announced as part of the Elefant Traks 18th Birthday Celebrations to be held later next month.

The Tongue has posted on Facebook that the spilt was “all love” but questions must be asked, after over a decade with the label why wouldn’t he perform at the 18th Birthday Party, even if he had already announced his move. It seems it would be the perfect send off, but maybe the label would like to keep the night purely about the label and it’s massive success over the years.

The Tongue has had an interesting last few years to say the least, in 2014 he wrote and open letter to Bliss N Eso, regarding an image Eso posted on social media. We’d link the letter here but it seems The Vine have taken it down. The year before thew out a tweet promoting an interview they had done with the MC, which resulted in Chance Waters and The Tongue having a twitter back and fourth. 360’s name was also mentioned.

If you follow The Tongue on twitter, you’d be quite familiar with his ‘no fucks given attitude, tweeting “85% of Australian hip hop sucks”, and “I’m the Hillary Clinton of Aus hip hop- officially sick with it”. We were thinking he the ‘Hillary Clinton of Aus hip hop’ because he a cunt… which is why we love him, but apparently not.

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 6.25.29 PM.png

Earlier in the year, The Tongue once again sent shots at 360 questioning the truth surrounding Six’s codeine addiction. An unavailable tweet questioned his position, with The Tongue responding “he’s a very insincere and nasty person, I question everything he does”.

This is not the end for The Tongue, he will continue to release music via Soundcloud and Bandcamp, he encourages all of his fans to continue to support the label that supported him!