Spotify Australia Turns Five

Today, Spotify, the world’s leading music streaming service, celebrates its fifth birthday in Australia, and releases its definitive guide to streaming habits over the last five years.

Five years of Spotify, in a snapshot:
Spotify remains in a strong leadership position in Australia, the world’s most competitive and crowded streaming market. According to third-party research by comScore, 5 million Australians visited Spotify’s mobile and desktop platforms in March*.

2016 ARIA wholesale figures showed revenue from streaming services had, for the first time, outstripped both digital downloads and physical versions of music sales. Revenue from streaming, surged 90 per cent in 2016 to $135.4 million, accounting for nearly 38.5 per cent of all music revenue in Australia.

Since May 2012, Australians have streamed an enormous eight million years worth of music – putting this into context, the oldest fossil ever found in the human ancestral line is 2.8 million years old.

Australia ❤ Drake. The release of Drake’s chart topping album Views has seen him take the crown as Australia’s Top Streamed Artist of all time. To top it off, his 2016 release One Dance came in as Australia’s Most Streamed Track overall. 

We’re still a bunch of Beliebers: While Drake dominated as Australia’s Top Streamed Artist, Justin Bieber’s 2015 album Purpose continues to reign supreme as Australia’s Top Streamed Album. Four of Bieber’s tracks – Sorry, Love Yourself, What Do You Mean and Cold Water (Major Lazer feat. Justin Bieber and MØ) also made the Top Ten Most Streamed Tracks list proving Australia is still mad for Bieber.

Flume. is. unstoppable: Flume is the only homegrown artist to make Australia’s Most Streamed Artist list, coming in at number eight. Incredibly two of his tracks – Never Be Like You and Say It – landed in the Top Ten Most Streamed tracks list.

Congratulations Canberra: The nation’s capital is officially the most musical location with the highest ratio of plays to users. Canberrans were closely followed by residents of North Sydney and Surry Hills.

RIP Deep Chiptune, hello Dance Pop: This year, Spotify reveals the genres that have died and revived since 2012. While Math Rock, Gothic Metal and Deep Chiptune are in decline, Dance Pop, Pop Rap and Tropical House have all blown up in the last five years.

Mobile is the main platform for music streaming globally. Spotify internal data shows that 69% of streams now come from mobile, up 17% in the last year alone.

According to streamers across the globe, listening to music is an anytime activity. Spotify internal data shows, streaming is highest during activities such as housework (53% stream), cooking (42%), or chilling (55%).

In celebration of five years of streaming, Spotify has also launched a dedicated Spotify Turns 5 on-platform hub, home to:

Top Lists – a selection of artists, tracks and albums that have dominated on Spotify since its launch in Australia.
Top Playlists – the top streamed playlists of all-time in Australia.
‘This Is:’ Australian edition – celebrating Australian artists, past and present, whose music continues to connect with Spotify listeners in Australia.
Guest Playlists – we asked some of our favourite local artists what music they have had on high rotation over the last 5 years.

Tom Mee, Spotify’s Artist & Label Services Manager says, “It’s exciting to look at how far we’ve come and all we’ve achieved in five years. We’re particularly proud of the positive impact Spotify has had on the local music industry; driving significant revenues back to the industry, and helping to export more Aussie music to the world than ever before…a huge win for artists and music fans alike.”

Spotify has also announced the launch of Spotify Talks, a regular series of a monthly thought leadership events exploring music…the past, present, and future. The first event on Thursday 25 May 2017 focuses on three fascinating sessions with music industry thought leaders and experts who will discuss ways in which Spotify is supporting artists, delivering the best music experience to a global audience, and contributing to the growth of the larger music industry ecosystem.

For more information on Spotify Talks visit

  • 5 million Australians visited Spotify’s mobile and desktop platforms in March 2017
  • Aussies have streamed over eight million years of music since 2012
  • Drake takes crown as Australia’s Top Streamed Artist of all time with ‘One Dance’ landing top streamed track
  • ‘Dance Pop’ is officially Australia’s most listened to genres
  • Spotify launches Spotify Turns 5, an on-platform hub celebrating five years of Aussie music streaming