Work-Shop: Hitch-hikers guide to Lyricism with Tom Scott

Thursday May 28th, 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm Fitzroy For one night only – join us in the Work-Shop Lab for 4 hours of lyrical exploration with Tom Scott (@Peace, HomeBrew Crew). You’ll learn everything from the fundamentals of the lyrical craft – such as syncopation, time signature and multi syllabic rhyme schemes, through to the more abstract parts of the art form, such as improvisation, feel and the role of the sub-conscious within music. The Lab (a purpose-built DIY recording studio) built by Tom himself will be where your lyrics come to life – you’ll get to record your … Continue reading Work-Shop: Hitch-hikers guide to Lyricism with Tom Scott

The Game ‘Making Of’ Video

Step into the life and mind of critically acclaimed Hip Hop artist The Game as he travels to Record Room Studios in Miami, FL to record the follow up to his album The Documentary. Super producers Cool and Dre weigh in to discuss the creative process behind what will arguably be The Game’s most important musical work in a decade. Featured also is original studio footage of the writing and recording sessions of “Soundtrack” featuring MMG star talent Meek Mill, as of yet unreleased music from The Game’s new album The Documentary II, and a cookout at the studio that … Continue reading The Game ‘Making Of’ Video

Soundtrack Your Game with Spotify & Playstation

Spotify and Sony Network Entertainment International LLC (SNEI) have launched an exclusive music experience, making it easier than ever for gamers to enjoy their favourite tracks whilst playing their favourite games. That’s right, the best in music is playing co-op with the best in gaming. So whether you’re diving off Parisian rooftops, battling the evil of Crota or playing Barcelona at the Camp Nou, you’re in charge of the soundtrack. Soundtrack your game With background listening on PlayStation®4 (PS4™) system, you can soundtrack your gaming sessions with your favourite tracks. You might die a few times at the hands (or … Continue reading Soundtrack Your Game with Spotify & Playstation

Soda’s Screaming Success Two years never looked so good…

Last night, hundreds of Soda lovers came out to celebrate 2 years of good times, late nights, epic tunes and gourmet dogs at The Soda Factory in Surry Hills. From the Sweet Gal’s Blush to the Birthday Special, Soda’s strong spirited cocktails warmly welcomed guests at 6pm with circulating gourmet dogs, crispy hot wings, fried onion rings and sweet potato fries from the American diner inspired venue. DJ Yella, former member of the World Class Wreckin’ Cru along with Dr. Dre and a founding member of the pioneering gangsta rap group N.W.A, was the night’s shiny red maraschino cherry. Hitting the … Continue reading Soda’s Screaming Success Two years never looked so good…

Watch “Not Afraid: The Shady Records Story” Starring Eminem, Dr. Dre, & 50 Cent

Last year, Eminem and Paul Rosenberg celebrated the 15 year anniversary of their label, Shady Records, with the release of the compilation album Shady XV. The album was a double disk, one side filled with new material and the other filled with Shady’s greatest hits. While the album provided a neat summary of the label’s history, it didn’t really tell the story of how Shady Records came to be and what it achieved during it’s decade and a half run. That’s why we teamed up with Em and Paul Rosenberg to bring you, Not Afraid: The Shady Records Story. This … Continue reading Watch “Not Afraid: The Shady Records Story” Starring Eminem, Dr. Dre, & 50 Cent

“98:Foundation” (Trailer)

In the late 2000’s Bias B approached Heata regarding an idea to make a local documentary about the release of his Beezwax LP from 1998. Together with Discourse they formed a film crew and began interviewing people regarding the early years and development of Australian Hip Hop pre the 2000’s. As more people were interviewed, the team started to realise that the project was bigger than the story of just one album. And so, the film took a different direction. This here is a Trailer cut from their interviews over time with original stock footage. “98:Foundation” is a very important … Continue reading “98:Foundation” (Trailer)

Sekure D Talks Sneakers In New Podcast

As sneaker culture here in Australia hits an all-time high, it’s only part of natural evolution that we would start to see some online content produced with a straight up Australian flavor. Many would be familiar with the custom sneaker culture here in Australia, and in-turn would know that there’s no one else quite like Sekure D.  Sekure D is a custom sneaker artist who has produced an ever-growing list of custom kicks. Sekure has worked on two collaboration sneakers with the skate footwear brand Globe and has been featured in a variety of magazines, websites, newspapers and books including Sneaker … Continue reading Sekure D Talks Sneakers In New Podcast