Titus 12 Karnak

Uncomfy Beats are pleased to announce their latest release Karnak by Melbourne-based artist Titus 12. Titus left the UK in 2012 and went in search of interesting sounds to record. These travels brought him to Australia, where Melbourne became the new HQ. Since arriving, his combination of found-sound samples, talkative beats, and dub attitude, was welcomed in the local beat scene. In Karnak, Titus 12’s first release on Uncomfortable Beats, the beatsmith juices a heavy blend of easy, back street basslines, twisting the murk of dubstep, with the rattle and fire of reggae. Accidental samples, melodica lines, and renegade 808 patterns dance around … Continue reading Titus 12 Karnak

Able8 – Program.01

Program.01 is a mix of both new and revamped musical works from the mind of Melbourne producer Able8. The seven-track EP is Hip-Hop based and coupled with a strong electronic aesthetic. Each track across the release conducts its own melodic narrative, within an eco-system of driving synthesizers and deep subtle textures. To add to the pot, remixes from Wermonster, Durban Poison and Luskin bring contrast and compliment the EP with their upbeat musical interpretations. Program.01 is available now as a name your price download here. Official  ||  Facebook  ||  Twitter Continue reading Able8 – Program.01

Heliosphere – Uncomfortable Beats

Uncomfortable Beats presents it’s 5th Australian Beats Compilation titled Heliosphere. Uncomfortable Beats is an Australian-based music label dedicated to showcasing emerging beat-makers with an innovative, off-kilter sounds. This 13 track release showcases a diverse selection of beats from producers across Australia, with emphasis leaning towards the more mellow spectrum of electronic music. Compiled by: Able8 & Ghostsoul. Mastered by: Ghostsoul. Heliosphere is available now as a name your price download here. Official  ||  Facebook  ||  Twitter Continue reading Heliosphere – Uncomfortable Beats

How Green EP

How Green’s self-titled EP is an exploration through finely chopped beats. The Adelaide based artist showcases his talent for electronic song writing, and sets himself apart with his compelling sound in this six track release. As an added bonus, the EP includes remixes from Oisima and SylleStruck (Greased Up Records, DEN). How Green is available now as a name your price download here. Track listing: 1. Might Light 2. o’ o’ oh 3. Blue Lemons 4. Yes Yeah 5. Might Light (SylleStruck remix) 6. Yes Yeah (Oisima Remix) Official  ||  Facebook  ||  Twitter Continue reading How Green EP

Uncomfortable Beats – Technology Box

Melbourne based label Uncomfortable Beats presents Technology Box, the fourth release in a series of popular Australian Beats compilations. The 11 track album showcases a diverse range of styles, that maintains an off-beat electronic edge floating somewhere in between the dance-floor and the lounge chair. Technology Box features a host of producers from around the country including Roleo, Able8, Master Of Ribongia and many many more. You can check out the full track list below. Technology Box is available now through Beatport, you can pick it up here. Track Listing: 01. Prequel – Good Girl Stoned 02. Roleo – Boss pt.2 … Continue reading Uncomfortable Beats – Technology Box

Uncomfortable Beats – Trinity

Uncomfortable Beats is a Melbourne based label that is dedicated to expanding and exposing the best in Australian beats culture to the rest of the world. This multi-headed beast is a record label, web blog, regular live music showcase, and even TV show. For over a year it has been a successful monthly residency showcasing the wealth of local talent in electronic and sample-based music.    The new release is the album Trinity compilation 3, a solid addition to their discography. This release displays the bright future of the next generations local electronic music pioneers, with a powerful mix of glitched … Continue reading Uncomfortable Beats – Trinity