Koolta – The Extraordinary Average Joe

Koolta’s long awaited debut album. Since winning the Hilltop Hoods Initiative in 2011 ($10 000 grant from APRA and HH to help in the release of a debut album) this young MC/Producer from Adelaide has hit the ground running. Having already released two well received independent EPs, Koolta continues his DIY ethic handling all production, writing, recording and mixing on the new album. The Extraordinary Average Joe is not your standard local Hip Hop album. This is music that lives up to this bold statement. Koolta has crafted multi-layered instrumentals with the use of live instrumentation and synths, rather than … Continue reading Koolta – The Extraordinary Average Joe

Koolta – Four Seasons

Koolta (2011 Hilltop Hoods Initiative Winner) releases 1st single from debut album The Extraordinary Average Joe. Four Seasons is the first single from Adelaide hip hop artist Koolta’s debut album The Extraordinary Average Joe. It’s produced, mixed, recorded and written by Kultar Ahluwalia (Koolta). If you aren’t familiar with Koolta’s music – here is a quick run down: Won the 2011 Hilltop Hoods Initiative – this involved APRA and the HH granting $10,000 towards making this debut album. Previously released two independent EPs (The Deportation & The Influx) and a mixtape (The Forked Road with DJ PT). The debut album, The Extraordinary … Continue reading Koolta – Four Seasons