P. Smurf – Smurf Village

As a founding member of Daily Meds, Reverse Polarities, Big Village and Sketch the Rhyme, P.Smurf has been mastering his craft for over 8 years. He has now decided to present audiences with his first solo effort in the form of the Smurf Village mixtape. P.Smurf’s rapid flows, work ethic and easy going personality have made him one of the most recognisable artists in the Sydney hip hop scene. P.Smurf’s persona is relatable yet avoids becoming shallow allowing him to swing easily between comedy, satire and political themes. ‘Smurf Village‘ features a myriad of guests from Sydney’s hip hop community and serves as a … Continue reading P. Smurf – Smurf Village

Daily Meds – Happy Daze

Big Village is proud to announce Daily Meds’ debut album Happy Daze will be dropping on April 13th, 2012. In preparation the crew has dropped the first single and film clip Dance. Filmed over two nights around Sydney’s CBD and during the Freshly Squeezed show at The Standard, Daily Meds once again bring a sound to get your butt moving and your mind ticking. Since their formation in 2009 Daily Meds have quickly built a reputation as Sydney’s premier underground-party crew, combining soulful hooks, poignant rhymes and diverse next level beats to create a sound that is both audacious and captivating. … Continue reading Daily Meds – Happy Daze

Hyjak – Straight Jak

Sydney MC Hyjak is best known for his earlier work with his Obese Records signed group, Hyjak N Torcha and for some of the most memorable local battles seen in the 90’s. With his diverse sound that showcases a Sydney street influence from the graffiti writers he grew up with, Hyjak has managed to cement his name amongst the greats of the local scene.  Already in his illustrious career he has performed with the likes of Xzibit, Mobb Deep, Gang Starr, Lord Finesse, Murs, De La Soul and Hilltop Hoods. Hyjak is still a very busy man, appearing on Kerser’s – The Nebulizer release last year … Continue reading Hyjak – Straight Jak

Big Village – Big Things Vol. 1

Big Village is an independent record label representing the new wave of Sydney’s finest Hip Hop artists. Tired of jostling for recognition as individual bands. Big Village artists came together to forge a joint identity and carve out new opportunitties on their own terms. Consisting of Daily Meds, Loose Change, True Vibenation, Reverse Polarities, Tuka, Ellequire and Jeswon, Big Village artists are dedicated to producing thought provoking and open-minded music that challenges the status quo. The label was founded by the artists it represents: all members contribute their expertise to the running of the organisation. Wheather it’s event promotions, web … Continue reading Big Village – Big Things Vol. 1

allaussie hip hop spotlight on: Daily Meds

Sydney crew Daily Meds are emcee’s P.Smurf and Mikoen, vocalist Billie Rose and producer Roleo. Since the bands formation in 2009 they have supported and toured with Horrorshow,  Thundamentals, Urthboy, Spit Syndicate, Def Wish Cast and Dialectrix to drop some names. They also helped to launch the popular Sketch the Rhyme show which is now a national touring success featuring their very own P-Smurf. Don’t think that Daily Meds are just show openers though… they have rocked big shows at the annandale, factory theatre, gaelic club, club 77 and some huge warehouse parties. No doubt their mutual drive to fuel … Continue reading allaussie hip hop spotlight on: Daily Meds

Loose Change free album

Sydney based hip hop crew, Loose Change release their debut album of laidback, infectious beats and honest, soul soaked raps. Combine a beatmaker with a golden touch on the drum machine, two emcees with gifted flows and life-fuelled lyricism, and a DJ who brings it altogether live. This is Loose Change. Emcees Rapaport and Ellesquire provide heartfelt lyrics with a sharp delivery. The raps are backed up by the sample-heavy P major production, with gritty drums, chopped up rhodes samples and moog-synth basslines. Cuts by Sam Z and some formidable guest verses by P Smurf, and the Loose Change sound … Continue reading Loose Change free album