Proto The Roller Coaster Mixtape

Proto is an up and coming hip hop artist from North Stadbroke Island. He is currently working on his debut album, but today he is dropping a brand new mixtape titled, The Roller Coaster Mixtape. From battling to laying down studio tracks, Proto covers all aspects of lyricism to develop and push himself further in the rap game.  The Roller Coaster Mixtape follows on from his 2013 mixtape release The Rouge Pen. The new tape features guest appearances from Peeps, Dwizofoz, Educ8, Fiz One, DJ Immaculate, Shadz and more. Mixing and mastering is handled by Ciecmate. The tape features jacked beats from Vherbal, Vampts, AussieOzborn, Anno Domini, Diract Beats, Taiji Beats … Continue reading Proto The Roller Coaster Mixtape

Peeps – Waiting To Die

South Australian MC Peeps has just released his latest in Waiting To Die. This album was written, performed, recorded, mixed & mastered in the space of three weeks due to a big change in Peeps‘ life. It’s a very personal and in-depth look into his personal life with production from his good friend Vampts. Waiting To Die features Vents, Tornts, Flowz and of course fellow Gravity Pond members Remz and Vampts. The official video clip for the track 168 Hours, which is lifted from Waiting To Die was released last month. The clip is shot & edited by Ryan Atyeo, you can check that out … Continue reading Peeps – Waiting To Die