Mikoen Aussie Slang (prod. by Caustic Yoda)

Mikoen is a Sydney based MC and a founding member of the now-defunct Daily Meds crew, Mikoen also helped form Reverse Polarities and the independent label Big Village Records. With hundreds of live shows under his belt, Mikoen has been performing and releasing music since 2006. Now in late 2016, Mikeon has branched out to release a brand new single titled “Aussie Slang”. The new track features production from Caustic Yoda, who has worked on numerous local releases including Tuka’s debut solo release, Thundamentals Foreverlution, Waza’s Crooked Jaw LP and many, many more. Grab the new joint by using the player … Continue reading Mikoen Aussie Slang (prod. by Caustic Yoda)

Cooking With Caustic From Mercury To Pluto

Hailing from the artistically bountiful Blue Mountains come Cooking With Caustic, a soul/hip hop/funk collective unlike any other. Cooking With Caustic consists of core members Caustic (beats, keys and production), DJ Cost (turntables), Jarv Benaud (bass), Stephen Noble (saxophone), and Marc Brown (trombone). Though they’ve been jamming for years; first meeting whilst working in hospitality together, From Mercury To Pluto is the group’s debut LP. The album pays homage to the classic sounds of 90’s hip hop, as well as focusing on big beat, groove, and turntablism. “Rather than an album being about one vocalist, this is about a collection of … Continue reading Cooking With Caustic From Mercury To Pluto

Loose Change On The Road With ‘Yes Or No’

Sydney hip hop trio Loose Change, just months after an extensive album tour for Listening Party, which included several dates with old pals Thundamentals, are back in the van in support of super smooth new single Yes Or No, kicking off in sunny Melbourne in support of mate Mantra.  Yes Or No turns the dial, and the lights, down a few notches, flipping the switch on the stereotypical commitment-phobic manscape, showing our lyrical heroes baring their hearts to their lady loves, imploring the song’s female antagonist – voiced here by the divine, soulful, Meklit Kebrit – to make a decision one … Continue reading Loose Change On The Road With ‘Yes Or No’

Reverse Polarities – On The Contrary

Reverse Polarities are a Sydney based Hip Hop crew, renowned for politically charged lyrics, rapid fire rhymes and high energy live shows. Formed back in 2005, Reverse Polarities were quick to make an impact on audiences, performing countless gigs and cementing there name firmly as an act to keep an eye out for. After releasing their self titled mixtape in 2008 to critical acclaim, P.Smurf and Mikoen (also members of the 2013 AMP top 9 finalists, Daily Meds) have reunited with their counterparts, Kit Complete and Mute MC, to release what will now officially be the groups debut LP. Reverse Polarities unashamedly … Continue reading Reverse Polarities – On The Contrary

Newtown Research & Development

Newtown Research + Development is a small, independent, Hip Hop label hailing from Sydney, Australia. As a label Newtown RnD focuses on innovative and original composition and production. This philosophy has lead to the darker side of beats, down tempo and experimental Hip Hop, with two compilations and one EP released so far. The twoAV Enthusiast Club compilations are an experiment with creating music from sound harvested from films and television. Rules for composition can be found on the download page and in the liner notes. These compilations have included works from Kit Complete (Reverse Polarities), Charles Oblivion (Mute Oblivion), … Continue reading Newtown Research & Development

New Music: Mute X Roleo EP

On Friday, May 17th Big Village proudly released the debut EP from Mute X Roleo, a brand new collaboration between the Daily Meds‘ revered producer Roleo and Reverse Polarities front-man Mute MC. Mute X Roleo as a project began as recently as late 2012, with the two finishing the writing and recordings that would become the 5 track EP within a month. The two artists display a range of eclectic influence on the album; from the experimental No Hope; with its electronic beats and abstract lyricism, to the pop mentalities of Release; featuring intimate lyrics and a beautiful chorus sung by … Continue reading New Music: Mute X Roleo EP

Mute X Roleo – first single ‘Monkey’

Monkey is the first single off the collaborative effort from Reverse Polarities founding member Mute MC and Daily Meds producer Roleo. The song has already been getting love on triple jand is a prime example of what happens when two crazy people come together to create at Big Village’s HQ, Hibernian House. Roleo’s driving Afro/Jungle style beat meets Mute’s eccentric ragga style flow, screaming and chanting exaltations to life. Due for a late April release through Big Village the self-titled project is a collection of songs combining the crunchy, synth heavy beats of Roleo with sharp, introspective and heartfelt lyrics from Mute. … Continue reading Mute X Roleo – first single ‘Monkey’

P. Smurf – Smurf Village

As a founding member of Daily Meds, Reverse Polarities, Big Village and Sketch the Rhyme, P.Smurf has been mastering his craft for over 8 years. He has now decided to present audiences with his first solo effort in the form of the Smurf Village mixtape. P.Smurf’s rapid flows, work ethic and easy going personality have made him one of the most recognisable artists in the Sydney hip hop scene. P.Smurf’s persona is relatable yet avoids becoming shallow allowing him to swing easily between comedy, satire and political themes. ‘Smurf Village‘ features a myriad of guests from Sydney’s hip hop community and serves as a … Continue reading P. Smurf – Smurf Village

Kit Complete – Some Beats My Friends Like

The Reverse Polarities beatmaker Kit Complete has been working on his first solo release for several years now and after hearing the bangers on this beat tape were pretty sure not just Kit Complete’s friends will like these beats. With crisp dums, soulful samples and a knack for getting your head nodding ‘Some Beats My Friends Like‘ is a remarkable effort from one of Big Village’s most talented beatmakers. Don’t sleep! Download ‘Some Beats My Friends Like‘ here. Facebook  ||  Bandcamp  ||  Big Village Continue reading Kit Complete – Some Beats My Friends Like

Big Village – Big Things Vol. 2

Big Village Records are genuinely thrilled to announce the forthcoming release of Big Things Vol Two. Dropping August 10th, Big Things Vol Two is the labels latest compilation and features all exclusive new tunes from Big Village founding members Tuka (Thundamentals), Ellesquire, Daily Meds, True Vibenation and Loose Change, as well as collab tracks and solo tunes from Reverse Polarities, Suburban Dark, Rapaport, Klue and Tenth Dan. In what can only be described as a gargantuan undertaking by anyone’s standards, to celebrate, they’re taking the whole damn label on the road for a national tour to launch said album– that’s … Continue reading Big Village – Big Things Vol. 2

Truffle Shuffle – Kit Complete X 2Rise

An audio visual collaboration between Kit Complete (Sydney hip hop producer) and 2Rise (Wandering graffiti artist). Kit Complete is one quarter of Reverse Polarities and often works with other acts on the same record label, Big Village. To check out more music from Kit and the Big Village Crew check out their site here. 2Rise is a vandal so don’t pay any attention to his works that are featured here and here. All camera work by 303DB. Big Village Records  ||  2Rise  ||  Reverse Polarities Continue reading Truffle Shuffle – Kit Complete X 2Rise

Ellesquire – Ready

Big Village is an independent record label representing the new wave of Sydney’s finest hip hop artists. Tired of jostling for recognition as individual groups, Big Village artists came together to forge a joint identity and carve out new opportunities on their own terms. Consisting of Daily Meds, Loose Change, True Vibenation, Reverse Polarities, Tuka, Ellesquire and Jeswon, Big Village artists are dedicated to producing thought provoking and open-minded music that challenges the status quo. 2010 was a huge first year for Big Village, firmly establishing itself with strong releases by Tuka, Daily Meds and a free album from Loose … Continue reading Ellesquire – Ready

allaussie hip hop spotlight on: Daily Meds

Sydney crew Daily Meds are emcee’s P.Smurf and Mikoen, vocalist Billie Rose and producer Roleo. Since the bands formation in 2009 they have supported and toured with Horrorshow,  Thundamentals, Urthboy, Spit Syndicate, Def Wish Cast and Dialectrix to drop some names. They also helped to launch the popular Sketch the Rhyme show which is now a national touring success featuring their very own P-Smurf. Don’t think that Daily Meds are just show openers though… they have rocked big shows at the annandale, factory theatre, gaelic club, club 77 and some huge warehouse parties. No doubt their mutual drive to fuel … Continue reading allaussie hip hop spotlight on: Daily Meds