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Tag: Reverse Polarities

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New Music: Mute X Roleo EP

On Friday, May 17th Big Village proudly released the debut EP from Mute X Roleo, a brand new collaboration between the Daily Meds‘ revered producer Roleo and Reverse Polarities front-man Mute MC. Mute X Roleo as a project began as recently as late 2012, with the two finishing the writing and recordings that would become the 5 track EP within […]

Big Village Records

Truffle Shuffle – Kit Complete X 2Rise

An audio visual collaboration between Kit Complete (Sydney hip hop producer) and 2Rise (Wandering graffiti artist). Kit Complete is one quarter of Reverse Polarities and often works with other acts on the same record label, Big Village. To check out more music from Kit and the Big Village Crew check out their site here. 2Rise is a vandal so don’t […]