Newtown Research & Development

Newtown Research + Development is a small, independent, Hip Hop label hailing from Sydney, Australia. As a label Newtown RnD focuses on innovative and original composition and production.

Newton RnD

This philosophy has lead to the darker side of beats, down tempo and experimental Hip Hop, with two compilations and one EP released so far. The twoAV Enthusiast Club compilations are an experiment with creating music from sound harvested from films and television. Rules for composition can be found on the download page and in the liner notes. These compilations have included works from Kit Complete (Reverse Polarities), Charles Oblivion (Mute Oblivion), Verbaleyes (True Vibenation) and Brian Campeau.

The EP Some Beats My Friends Like by Kit Complete is a journey through laid-back beats and down tempo that any Hip Hop head can lounge out to. Chill and engaging, an elusive balance that once found, completely satisfies.

The label launch was held on the 1st of June with two new releases, an EP from Sweat Collectors (Kit Complete and Drastik) and a single from Mute Oblivion (Mute MC and Charles Oblivion). The releases are both on the darker side of Hip Hop, spanning through foam at the mouth party tracks to the creepy and melodic.

The night was held at Hermann’s Bar, Sydney Uni, and begun with a performance from Theodore Kennedy, who, although young, is a fast rising talent in the Sydney scene. Beatzophrenic, who rarely requires introduction followed. He has worked as producer and beat maker for many of the best Hip Hop groups and artist in Sydney.

The headline acts were Sweat Collectors followed by Mute Oblivion. Sweat Collectors played (among others) songs from their EP 3 For The Evil Children, which were available on the night as hard copy. The songs are dark, heavy and thick with bass. Themes like monsters, stalking and death are taken on with a darker than black sense of humour and honesty that is relatable and horrifying.

Mute Oblivion played their new single Get Yours along with tracks from their soon to come EP MANA. This collaboration comes from a more experimental place in Hip Hop, with tracks ranging from grimy to sublime. Song structure and composition has been allowed to evolve naturally from the themes and content, which tend to the dark and cerebral, but also include uplifting philosophies and observations. The single was also be available on the night as hard copy.

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