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Elefant Tracks

Elefant Traks – Hacked!

Elefant Traks website is currently down, as Russian super hackers infiltrate the home of Sydney Hip Hop. The top reasons being considered as to why the hackers targeted Elefant Traks are: Russia couldn’t wait for Spitshine’s August 28 release date. Russia was upset for not being invited to Elefant Traks 10th Anniversary Party. Oksana Grigorieva was pissed Mel didn’t set […]

Elefant Tracks

Behind Spitshine….Vol 3.

If you have been following the making of Spitshine vids, then you’d be happy to know that Vol 3. has hit the net. Check out the tense moments before mixing, the triumphant moment when gear works, and the drunken jam to end on a err..high note. Spitshine is out on August 28 thru Elefant Traks. You can check the video […]