Bliss N Eso – Flying Colours Limited Edition Vinyl Release

Bliss N Eso have officially announced the release of  the Flying Colours limited edition vinyl. This is the ultimate vinyl collectors piece featuring the original Aria Award winning Gold album on wax together with BnE’s amazing Flying Colours Live DVD.
Packaged in a deluxe double gate fold cover with full foil and gloss finishes and full colour inner vinyl sleeves.

This is a must have for every BnE fan but, copies are limited, so get in quick. It’s an impressive package and we can’t wait to grab one…or two. This is only available at Flying Colours Clothing website here. Check out the track list below for the wax and also the DVD.

Vinyl Track Listing:
Side A
01 The Beginning
02 Woodstock 2008
03 Eye of the Storm
04 Bullet and a Target feat: The Zulu Connection Choir
05 Happy in my Hoody

Side B
06 Destiny Lane
07 Zion Bash
08 The Sea is Rising
09 Gorilla Militia
10 How to Listen Part 1

Side C
11 Climb These Cliffs
12 At Midnight
13 Royal Flush
14 $5 Steak

Side D
15 The Truth feat: Illmaculate & Sapient
16 Never Give Up feat: Changes
17 Field of Dreams feat: Paris Wells
18 On Tour (BONUS TRACK)

DVD Track Listing:
1. The Beginning
2. Woodstock 2008
3. Zion Bash
4. Royal Flush
5. Eye Of The Storm
6. Bullet And A Target
7. Beatbox
8. At Midnight
9. Happy In My Hoody
10. How Do I Listen Part 1
11. Party At My Place (featuring Motley)
12. Blazin’
13. Field Of Dreams feat: Paris Wells
14. The Sea Is Rising
Bonus: Out of Africa Documentary

The guys have also added some great new merch to the site including the new basketball style tops + some new guys and girls tees. Check that out here.