Requiem: Grassroots debut offered up to the masses

Local hip hop artist Requiem is moving forward into the digital era. Instead of swimming against the current the musician has decided to re-release his music online for free download. The rural Victorian born MC has uploaded his debut album Grassroots Anarchy onto popular music website Bandcamp for fans to download and share.

Grassroots Anarchy was released in 2009 to critical acclaim and helped the young wordsmith make his mark on the local scene. “Requiem could be one of the greats of the most emerging hip-hop scene in the world today,” said head writer Steve Juon.
The album was a socio-political protest record about the state of the world at large and the struggle of independent artists in the modern music scene. Three years later Requiem said he wants to move on to new projects and let a wider audience hear his first album before dropping the follow-up.
“I’m proud of that album but I’ve moved on to make even better music so I’m letting anyone who hasn’t yet heard the debut do so,” he said.
“But I still have love for physical copies of albums and I am not trying to cheat anyone who supported me by buying a copy, so the actual CD is still for sale.”

Those interested can now choose to either get the digital version online for free in high quality mp3 or order a copy of the album from Requiem’s website. Up and coming Perth producer Eddy Extract has lent his talent to an ill remix of lead single Apeshit! and this is included on the re-release online. Requiem is currently working on his new release Digital Blues, an EP with production exclusively from well-known UK producer Beat Butcha.
“I’m hoping to put out Digital Blues early next year,” he said.

To download Grassroots Anarchy visit
To order a copy of Grassroots Anarchy on CD visit

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