Broken Tooth 2011 Wrap Up

At BTE, 2011 has been the year of Ciecmate. With all of our artists being quite vigilant on the local show front, Ciecmate has risen above and beyond releasing both his debut full length solo album, Game Over, and a production album, Chess Sounds Vol. 1 highlighting local and international guests over his signature sounds. Following on from the success of the two albums, Ciecmate toured the full country with the Funkoars in support of their new high energy album, The Quickening. Joining the tour with Ciecmate, and also officially joining the BTE fold was $2 Scratchies star, 2 x … Continue reading Broken Tooth 2011 Wrap Up

Requiem: Grassroots debut offered up to the masses

Local hip hop artist Requiem is moving forward into the digital era. Instead of swimming against the current the musician has decided to re-release his music online for free download. The rural Victorian born MC has uploaded his debut album Grassroots Anarchy onto popular music website Bandcamp for fans to download and share. Grassroots Anarchy was released in 2009 to critical acclaim and helped the young wordsmith make his mark on the local scene. “Requiem could be one of the greats of the most emerging hip-hop scene in the world today,” said head writer Steve Juon. The album was … Continue reading Requiem: Grassroots debut offered up to the masses

Ciecmate – Game Over

We go track by track on the Game Over LP with Broken Tooth Entertainments’s very own Ciecmate. Ciecmate has craftily built a stable of some of Australia’s most influential underground hip hop artists. A scene builder. It’s time for him to reveal the vision he’s been refining over the past ten years. 1.) INTRO/SANE Ironically, this was actually the last song I did for the album.  I had already made the beat and was holding it and waiting for the right time to use it.  When I had finished all the other songs , I was searching for the right way to … Continue reading Ciecmate – Game Over

Requiem – Grassroots Anarchy Review/Interview

Grassroots Anarchy is emcee Requiem’s debut album. It has been described as a brazen revolt against this harsh new environment and an industry that has shunned him; a  molotov cocktail of beats and rhymes, a proverbial middle finger to nay-sayers and corporate giants alike. Requiem has a sociopolitical style littered with urgency and paranoia. Requiem has  created ten ‘recipies’ in his anarchist’s cookbook. Released September this year through Minimal Aesthetics, Grassroots Anarchy shuns the hype, taking up the arms of street journalism. Production on the album features Ciecmate, Doc Felix, Defiant, Pabstrakt and Wizard (UK). The album also features a … Continue reading Requiem – Grassroots Anarchy Review/Interview