Knowledge Bones – Eyes On The Prize

Australian rapper Knowledge Bones has been in the music scene for a while now, but it has been over the past twelve months that he has been working on building a buzz into a boom with the release of his debut solo album titled Eyes on the Prize.

Musically Knowledge has been on a journey to fine tune his style and sound with tracks like Listen Closely featuring N’fa Jones and A Man’s Courage showcasing his creative writing skills and flow abilities. Knowledge’s song titled Eyes on the Prize demonstrates that he never lost his hunger for the crown teaming up with Melbourne’s Surreal to collaborate on an impressive track. Knowledge shows his charming side with Spend A Little Time featuring Che’Nelle sure to appeal to the ladies.

Knowledge has teamed up with some stellar producers including DJ Complex, Weapon X and rAIZ to name a few. The collaboration with quality producers and catchy lyrics makes for a good listen and is sure to give some of the big players a run for their money. 

This release has not been an easy one for Knowledge who had to jump a few hurdles to complete the project, through this time Knowledge stayed focused and continued to turn his album from a ‘hard drive project’ into reality and Eyes on the Prize was born. A man who’s will to succeed is just as strong as his impressive rapping style, Knowledge Bones is a rapper destined for great things, if his achievements are anything to go by, it won’t take him long to reach the hip hop summit.

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