Fall from Grace – a solo exhibition by Rone

Best known for the distinctive female centrepieces of his paste ups and murals on the walls of Melbourne, globetrotting street artist Rone returns to his home town for his first local show of 2012 in the more conventional surroundings of Collingwood’s Backwoods GalleryFall from Grace sees Rone continue to showcase his female muse, but in a different light across 12 new works – four on canvas (including one triptych), four on brick and four on paper, all peeled, tattered and aged to reflect the outdoor environment he’s accustomed to working in.

Fall from Grace explores the idea of personal change through the rise and fall of a modern heroine, utilising the textures of hand painted signage, torn bill posters and deteriorating walls to symbolise the evolution of his lead character; how beauty can hide the darkest scars; how behind every light there is darkness. Inspired by recent travels through the faded beauty of Miami and Cuba, he draws on a palette of muted colours to pay homage of the 1980s – a time when style, questionable or otherwise, was all that mattered. “We all have moments in our lives that make us who we are,” says Rone of the message at the heart of Fall from Grace. The scale of the works may not reach the epic heights he’s already reached on walls in London, Paris and Hawaii this year, but the scale of his ambition is as impressive as ever.

 At Backwoods Gallery
25 Easey Street, Collingwood, Victoria
Friday 29 June (opening night) – Sunday 8 July, 2012
12 works: four on canvas (including one triptych), four on brick, four on paper.

Rone Official  ||  Blackwoods Gallery