Fall from Grace – a solo exhibition by Rone

Best known for the distinctive female centrepieces of his paste ups and murals on the walls of Melbourne, globetrotting street artist Rone returns to his home town for his first local show of 2012 in the more conventional surroundings of Collingwood’s Backwoods Gallery. Fall from Grace sees Rone continue to showcase his female muse, but in a different light across 12 new works – four on canvas (including one triptych), four on brick and four on paper, all peeled, tattered and aged to reflect the outdoor environment he’s accustomed to working in. Fall from Grace explores the idea of personal change … Continue reading Fall from Grace – a solo exhibition by Rone

Reka – Open Studio

James Reka is a young contemporary artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Since 2002, Reka has established himself as a pioneer in Melbourne’s burgeoning street art scene. His origins lie in the alleyways and train-lines of the city’s inner-suburbs, and his popularity has seen him grow to being exhibited on gallery walls the world over. His character work has come to represent the beginning of a new style of street art – surrealist, abstracted creatures emerging from the depths of Reka’s mind, communicating through strong lines, dynamic movement and bold colours. Theses figures haunt the laneways throughout Australiasia, clambering up brick … Continue reading Reka – Open Studio

Tom Showtime – The Jam Thief

Tom Showtime’s – The Jam Thief is an eclectic fusion of jazzy hip-hop, down tempo beats and nu-funk. The explosive leadoff single Spaces & Places featured the international input of legendary US rapper Gift of Gab (Blackalicious), UK ex-pat Lotek and Ash.One (AUS). Evidently, this multifaceted talent did not plateau there; the lead single was merely a taste of his stellar album a year in the crafting. With a range of standout tracks including Nature Horn Killer (Tom’s tribute to Charlie Parker), Jazz Biscuits and The Every Sound Track, The Jam Thief takes the listener on a sample heavy journey displaying … Continue reading Tom Showtime – The Jam Thief

Tom Showtime – Spaces & Places feat. Gift of Gab, Lotek & Ash.One

Tom Showtime has many guises…  DJ, Producer, Saxophonist and Gramophone Enthusiast. From Be-Bop to Breakbeat, his passion for music is paralleled only to his enjoyment of watermelon, coffee and cricket. Having spent years spinning and collecting records in London, he returned home to Melbourne in 2008 and promptly released The Showtime EP, a head-nodding Trip Hop odyssey showcasing original horn lines. Three years later, the release of his debut album The Jam Thief will introduce a heavier sound. Beat driven, jazz flavoured tracks with ‘the funk’ always present. The first single Spaces & Places featuring Gift of Gab (US), Lotek … Continue reading Tom Showtime – Spaces & Places feat. Gift of Gab, Lotek & Ash.One

Space Invaders – National Gallery Of Australia

Drawn entirely from the collection of the National Gallery of Australia, the first Australian institution to have collected this type of work, Space invaders. Australian, street, stencils, posters, paste-ups, zines and stickers surveys the past 10 years of Australian street art. Featuring 150 works by over 40 Australian artists, this exhibition celebrates the energy of street-based creativity and recognises street stencils, posters, paste-ups, zines and stickers as comprising a recent chapter in the development of Australian prints and drawings. Space Invaders: This is a stick up – A Saturday of street art at the National Gallery of Australia. All free. … Continue reading Space Invaders – National Gallery Of Australia

Banksy directs new Simpsons title sequence

UK graffiti artist Banksy has created a controversial title sequence for long-running US animation The Simpsons. The latest intro, which was shown in the US on Sunday, opens with the street artist’s tag scrawled across the town of Springfield. It closes with a minute-long sequence showing dozens of sweatshop workers in a warehouse painting cartoon cells and making Simpsons merchandise. The episodes titled is called MoneyBart. The extended sequence was apparently inspired by reports the show outsources the bulk of their animation to a company in South Korea. According to the street artist, his storyboard led to delays, disputes over … Continue reading Banksy directs new Simpsons title sequence

Phibs Bathtub Ice Bucket

Phibs is a notable graffiti artist operating out of Melbourne, Australia. He credits writers D-Lite and Crim for helping him create his very distinct style. Phibs has been commissioned to large-scale artworks by companies such as Absolut Vodka. He also has been commissioned to decorate a number of buildings across Sydney such as Max Brenner chocolates in Paddington, the Glow Cafe in Newtown and a number of alley ways throughout the city of Sydney. He has also travelled to countries outside of Australia where his work can also be seen on Walls in Berlin and New York. He is currently … Continue reading Phibs Bathtub Ice Bucket