allaussie hip hop’s spotlight on: DJ Butcher

DJ Butcher (born Alexander Steffan – 31/10/1987) is a long-time producer hailing from Beenleigh in Queensland Australia. Starting his hip hop career in 2000 in his parents garage freestyling with the likes of Toddy Montana and Truths he quickly equipped himself with a set of turntables, a computer and a stack of records. Through the early years, DJ Butcher had a knack for chopping breaks and samples from dusty records and inserting them into his own beats, giving him the nickname “The Butcher”. As time flew by the name stuck and now as a respected deejay he has honed the … Continue reading allaussie hip hop’s spotlight on: DJ Butcher

Crate Creeps (DJ Butcher & Tommy Illfigga) Video

DJ Butcher & Tommy Illfigga bring us a new sneak peek look at the latest Crate Creeps happenings with a vid posted on YouTube recently. The new album will feature artists from around the world including, Rakaa Iriscience (Dilated Peoples), Rhyme Asylum, Mantra (Aus), Trials (Funkoars), Pure Product, Mata & Must, Pagen Elypsis, Rainman & Yuin Huzami, Eloquence and Truths, Clinic & Proclaim, Kings Konnekted, Rezadent and The Optimen. This album will be massive, both these guys are hugely talented, so expect some good things. Continue reading Crate Creeps (DJ Butcher & Tommy Illfigga) Video

Crate Creeps and Prue Product Albums 2010

Both the Crate Creeps and Pure Product have their own albums coming up for release in early 2010 and DJ Butcher and 4th thought they’d do a short track for Myspace (here) and Youtube (above) to let everyone know that shit is happening and that new albums are in the works!! Crate Creeps consists of DJ Butcher and Tommy Illfigga and are two like-minded producers who, with a similar sound became friends. After producing music separately for over 6 years each they have united to form The Crate Creeps. The guys are currently working on a 18 track compilation release, … Continue reading Crate Creeps and Prue Product Albums 2010

That’s Them – Stay Up

Since the release of the Thats Them EP, the group have simply gone from strength to strength. Nebs’ unique production sound is receiving international acclaim with the likes of A-Alikes (RBGs) and Solomon Childs (Killer Bees) writing to his world-class beats, whilst the stunningly futuristic Sonics of ‘Big Cty Music – (The Nebs Treatment)‘ feature on Scott Burn’s debut album locally. Add to that a commanding presence on the LookUP In The Sky Vol.1 mixtape and the remarkable feat of selling out their 12″ vinyl debut on LookUP Records a week before its official release. The guys music was also … Continue reading That’s Them – Stay Up