Geko Real Heads Don’t Listen Out Today!

Enigmatic Geko AKA Phil Gektor makes up one sixth of formidable Melbourne label Crate Cartel. His new album, titled Real Heads Don’t Listen, is out today. Entirely self-produced, Geko has poured his contrarian genius into the album, ensuring every detail has purpose. Consistent with his previous work, Real Heads Don’t Listen further explores Geko’s underground ethos and his satirical take on mainstream society and commercialisation. “I don’t listen to what’s being played on the radio or what’s current, so it’s probably a bit of a time capsule.” – Geko Using samples as his muse, Geko’s production and lyrical themes evolve … Continue reading Geko Real Heads Don’t Listen Out Today!

Exclusive: Geko The Hippies I

“He is a sick man, he is a angry man, he is an unattractive man, there is something wrong with his liver……” That man is Geko aka Phil Gektor. May we present to you an exclusive prelude to Geko’s upcoming full length album Real Heads Don’t Listen, out May 30th on Crate Cartel – The Hippies I. The brand new track The Hippies I spools out over a long intro, the power of the strings warm you while transporting you quickly to another place in time. A time long forgotten, of free love, big buds and great music. The Hippies I is … Continue reading Exclusive: Geko The Hippies I

Flu aka Fluent Form – Flu Season

Flu aka Fluent Form is the A-grade emcee, and what he has produced with new album Flu Season is no less than top-shelf hip hop. As Fluent Form has matured, so too has his music.  With a certain bravery, his new material contains more sensitivity both tonally and lyrically than displayed on previous albums Word Merchant (2011) and The Furnace (2009). Known in the past for his aggressive execution, the Melbourne emcee has redefined his stylistic approach in the hope that “it gives the listener an opportunity to digest everything I’m saying.” Guests on the album include Geko, Pang Production’s One Sixth, … Continue reading Flu aka Fluent Form – Flu Season

Maundz – Maundzilla Video

To celebrate the release of Maundz’s sophomore album Zero on limited 2LP wax, the Crate Cartel gang have gone all out on this one. What better way to bring this madness to the plate than an epic visual of man transformed into monster set to stomp through his city? The limited Zero 2LP wax sold out almost instantly with all 250 snaffled up by fans. Maundzilla is produced by WIK and was mixed by Geko. The clip is directed and edited by B wiv.  You can purchase Maundz – Zero here. Crate Cartel  ||  Facebook  ||  Twitter Continue reading Maundz – Maundzilla Video

Flu aka Fluent Form – Flu Season

It’s no secret that Melbourne boutique hip hop label Crate Cartel have been putting out some of the purist hip hop music in Australia for years now. Having the deepest respect for the genre’s roots, the Cartel is conscientiously on point when adhering to age-old principals and legacies. None demonstrates this dedication to the movement more than Fluent Form, possessing all the background knowledge, experience and sensitivity required .Flu is the A-grade emcee, and what he has produced with new album Flu Season is no less than top-shelf hip hop. As Fluent Form has matured, so too has his music. … Continue reading Flu aka Fluent Form – Flu Season

Rates New album out now + ‘We Here Now’ Tour

Destroy & Rebuild is the debut album from Australia’s most talked about new emcee; Rates. The LP contains complete generosity of self as Rates uncovers his innermost thoughts and experiences. The turbulent past few years of his life have seen him in and out of psych wards, and through numerous run in’s with the law. But through all the hardship, the most fulfilling aspect to Destroy & Rebuild is Rates’ resilience, his refusal to give up. It’s not hard to see why this artist has such a loyal and thankful fan base. The album boasts solid features including Sydney’s king Kerser, crazily … Continue reading Rates New album out now + ‘We Here Now’ Tour

Rates – Destroy And Rebuild

Destroy and Rebuild is the debut album from one of Sydney’s most thought provoking lyricist. The talented rhymster’s debut release provides an insight into a dark world constructed within the walls of a racing mind. Providing an intriguing introduction, How Sick, produced by Nebs, gives listeners the perfect introduction to a story which shaped both he and brother Kerser’s success. Anotha Day Anotha Dolla displays the skill and creative abilities of this south west Sydney MC. From here one can’t help but feel totally emerged and somewhat hypnotized by a roller coaster of emotions. Rates explains his life and the turbulent … Continue reading Rates – Destroy And Rebuild